As a collective made up of partner members, all partners sign a Memorandum of Understanding to demonstrate their commitment and outline their responsibilities as partners.  We are fortunate to have a strong and enduring partnership committed to our vision, with most partners having been part of the partnership since it was formally established in 2012.

Reports and Plans

As a measure of our achievements and to be fully accountable to the partners who support us, we follow a strategic plan and also report annually on our activities.  To find out about the work of the Partnership download and view our latest reports:

Host Organisation

The role of the host organisation is to provide and manage the Partnership Executive Officer and the Partnership Secretariat which implements Partnership Activities. Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) is the host organisation for the Partnership. Staff and contractors of the host organisation provide operational support and administer all partnership responsibilities.

Operating Rules

The governance and operational arrangements of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health are outlined in our Operating Rules.

Memorandum of Understanding

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an agreement signed by partners. It sets out Partnership governance and operation. A copy is available here.