Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

Providing the most up-to-date information on the health of Fitzroy Basin waterways

The Fitzroy Basin, in Central Queensland, is comprised of over 20,000 kilometres of waterways, possesses abundant natural assets and is a region of significant economic importance. It includes six major river systems: Fitzroy, Dawson, Mackenzie, Nogoa, Comet and Isaac/Connors.

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health was formed in 2012 and includes organisations from government, industry, research and community, who all have an interest in the health of waterways across the Fitzroy Basin. Partners share a common goal of providing a more complete picture of river health in the Fitzroy Basin, providing funding, resources and water monitoring data, used to complete annual report cards that are accessible to everyone in the community.

Our role is to collate and assess the water quality data collected by organisations across the basin, develop the report cards on waterway health backed by the best available science and provide the community with the ongoing assurance that there is an independent assessment of waterway health year after year.


We exist because of our partners. Without their financial and data contributions, a more complete picture of river health would not be possible.

We produce annual ecosystem health report cards for the Fitzroy Basin as well as numerous additional reports on all aspects of waterway health.

Our expert Independent Science Panel scrutinises results, ensuring they are verified and underpinned by the best available science.

“Providing a more complete picture of river health”

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