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Dr Leigh Stitz, Executive Officer of Fitzroy Partnership for River Health.

Dr. Leigh Stitz
Executive Officer

Together we are providing a more complete picture of river health. The commitment of our partners, our passionate team and vision for the future is what inspires and motivates me.

Phone: 07 4999 2821

Ms Eva Duerkop, Science Project Officer for Fitzroy Partnership for River Health.

Eva Duerkop
Science Project Officer

The vast landscape of Central Queensland is a significant contrast to the environment I grew up with in Germany. I enjoy exploring the Fitzroy Basin and I am passionate about monitoring and improving the regional waterways and ecosystems towards a more sustainable future.

Phone: (07) 4999 2806

Ms Myfina Healy, Project Officer (Citizen Science) for Fitzroy Partnership for River Health.

Myfina Healy
Project Officer

The Fitzroy Basin is a complex socio-environmental system, capturing and monitoring a holistic picture of the Basin’s health is an important part of creating a sustainable future. We all have a role to play in waterway health and I am looking forward to connecting the Fitzroy Basin’s diverse community and their waterways.

Phone: (07) 4999 2835

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