Our Partnership

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

The Fitzroy Partnership is a collective of government, agriculture, resources, industry, research and community interests across the Fitzroy Basin in central Queensland.

Partners have a common goal of providing a more complete picture on river health and support this goal by providing funding, resources and contributing water quality and ecosystem health monitoring data through data-sharing arrangements.

Our Story

In 2008, major flooding and mine site water releases created water quality issues and concerns in the community across the Fitzroy Basin.  The then Premier commissioned a report identifying the need for an integrated monitoring partnership. After two and a half years of negotiations and planning the Fitzroy Partnership was formally established in February 2012. Our first report card on the aquatic ecosystem health in the Fitzroy Basin was released on the 28 May 2013. The second report card for 2011-12 was released on 21 August 2014, the third for 2012-13 report was released on 12 December 2014. After this, report cards have been released annually mid-year.  With the inception of the new Fitzroy Basin Monitoring Program in recent years, the 13th Report Card was a milestone one for the Partnership, released in November 2023, only months after data collection for the 22-23 year.  This more timely data and more comprehensive sampling is a significant win for the community and partners. With a significant dataset over more than a decade, trends are emerging about the health of the catchments in the Fitzroy Basin.  At the same time, the Partnership is evolving to be much more than a Report Card group, providing a platform for collaboration for our partners and actively engaging with the community about the importance of waterway health.

Graphic showing the Fitzroy Partnership timeline and story from establishment in 2012 to today

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