Rocky Regional Council’s Sustainability Strategy

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Rockhampton Regional Councils knows the future isn't just somewhere we are going... it's something we're creating. At its heart, environmental sustainability is about taking care of the environment so that our environment can continue to take care of us, both now and indefinitely into the future. The Environmental Sustainability Strategy provides a vision, shared objectives and pathways to advance sustainability across the Region. It also outlines the actions required for Council to integrate sustainable practices into its operations, as well as its community programs and services.

Cotton industry focuses on People. Planet. Paddock.

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Grain growers in central Queensland produce more than a quarter of Queensland’s grain harvest. Farming practices can also contribute to water quality pollution that is impacting on the Great Barrier Reef. The Grains Best Management Practice (BMP) program is a voluntary program developed to help growers assess their management practices against industry standards and develop action plans to improve.

BHP water stewardship: a shared responsibility

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BHP’s vision is for a water secure world by 2030. This would be a world where water resources are conserved and resilient so they can continue to support healthy ecosystems, maintain cultural and spiritual values and sustain economic growth; where the human right to safe and accessible water and the traditional rights of Indigenous peoples are realised and upheld; and where water governance is effective and beneficial, ensuring communities and ecosystems thrive for future generations.

Anglo American’s water management success

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The extreme rainfall of the 2010-2011 year flooded 45 of the 57 coal mines in the Bowen Basin, resulting in the loss of more than $2 Billion in coal export earnings. The release of salty water from flooded coal mines can pose environmental risks to downstream river systems. This case study reports stewardship actions taken by Anglo American’s Metallurgical Coal Business Unit to better manage risks associated with water management at their open cut coal mines.