Set up a Recorder

A ‘Recorder’ is the name of the person or organization recording data in the Fitzroy Waterwatch portal. A Recorder may record data for multiple sites and download all the data they have recorded from the portal.

If you are an individual recording data as part of a group, for example you are a teacher or student at a school, you are part of a volunteer group, you are part of a group of friends participating in Waterwatch, please always use the Recorder name of your group/organization and not your individual name. If you would like to keep track of who has individually recorded data in your group, include this in the observations section.

Always ensure you have a valid contact email address with Fitzroy Waterwatch. If you need to update this, get in contact with us.

You can set up a Recorder by heading to the Fitzroy Waterwatch portal:

  1. When you are entering your data click Add new Recorder in the Recorder drop down
  2. Add the name of your group/organization that participates in Waterwatch monitoring
  3. If you participate as an individual, add your own name
  4. Ensure you provide a valid contact email address – it will only ever be used by Fitzroy Partnership for River Health to get in contact with you about the data you upload to the portal

Get in contact with Fitzroy Partnership for River Health to guide you through the process of conducting your first waterway sampling.