WQIP:2015 – Scientific reports

We thank the scientists that contributed data and information within these reports.

The Synthesis Report provides a summary of all the information that was developed and collated for WQIP:2015. If you are seeking detailed information about how WQIP:2015 was developed, read the Synthesis Report.

Synthesis Report This report collates information from all other reports that were published for the WQIP:2015 and incorporates them into a single report that presents a summary of the major findings that were used to produce the WQIP:2015 C2O Consulting

CQ University

Jane Waterhouse, Nicole Flint, Johanna Johnson


If you are seeking further detail, the individual reports are also provided. Click on the linked reports in the table below.

WQIP:2015 Supporting Reports
Title Description Organisation Authors
Status of catchment, coastal and marine ecosystems
a) Marine Status
State of the coastal and marine environment review – report describes the condition of the coastal and marine environment and the threats to those assets C2O Consulting


Johanna Johnson, Jon Brodie, Nicole Flint
b) Community Benefits Estimates the values for the benefits of improved inshore reef health from sediment and nutrient reductions aligned with the WQIP:2015 Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Megan Star

John Rolfe

c) Environmental-Economic Values
Environmental-economic values of marine and coastal natural assets: Fitzroy NRM region TropWATER (James Cook University) Colette Thomas, Jon Brodie
Scoping and risk assessment of water quality issues
a) Ports Synthesis Synthesis of water quality influences in ports of the Fitzroy region, Queensland CQUniversity Nicole Flint, Emma Jackson, Scott Wilson, Krista Verlis, John Rolfe
b) Urban Scoping Report

Urban Background Report

Urban water quality scoping studies for Rockhampton and Gladstone Earth Environmental John Gunn
c) Marine Risk Assessment Assessment of the relative risk of degraded water quality to Great Barrier Reef ecosystems in the Fitzroy NRM region, including improvements to the Marine Risk Index TropWATER (James Cook University)
C2O Consulting
Maynard Marine
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Jane Waterhouse, Dieter Tracey, Jon Brodie, Steve Lewis, Eduardo da Silva, Michelle Devlin, Amelia Wenger, Dominique O’Brien, Johanna Johnson, Jeffrey Maynard, Scott Heron, Caroline Petus
d) Fitzroy Sediment Story Fitzroy sediment story TropWATER (James Cook University)
Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Queensland Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation
Stephen Lewis, Bob Packett, Cameron Dougall, Jon Brodie, Rebecca Bartley, Mark Silburn
Regional prioritisation
a) Agricultural Prioritisation Bioeconomic modelling and Neighbourhood Catchments prioritisation Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Megan Star, Terry Beutel, Kev McCosker, Adam Northey, Rob Ellis, John Rolfe
b) Agricultural Prioritisation: Recommendations, gaps and future research Agricultural management actions recommended for the key Neighbourhood Catchments. Identification of gaps and areas for future research are described. Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

Megan Star, Terry Beutel, Peggy Schrobback, John Rolfe, McCosker, Robin Ellis.
c) Wetlands Prioritisation Information about the latest wetland prioritisation for the Fitzroy River and Coastal Catchments using the Decision Support System (DSS) Jaensch Ornithology &Conservation
Fitzroy Basin Association Inc.
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Roger Jaensch

Shane Westley

Donna Audas

d) Ecosystem Repair Prioritisation Coastal ecosystems status and priorities including specific wetland prioritisation and Eco-Calculator Fitzroy Basin Association
James Cook University
Australasian Fish Passage Services
Jaensch Ornithology & Conservation
Ronnie Baker, Roger Jaensch, Peter Smith, Tim Marsden, Shane Westley
Paul Groves, Donna Audas
e) Fish Barrier Prioritisation
Prioritisation review of fish barriers for the Fitzroy Basin Region Australian Fish Passage Services Tim Marsden
f) Ecologically Relevant Targets Ecologically relevant targets for pollutant discharge from the drainage basins of the Fitzroy Region TropWATER (James Cook University)
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Jon Brodie, Steve Lewis, Scott Wooldridge, Jane Waterhouse, Carol Honchin


Fitzroy Basin Association was commissioned to identify priority areas and on-ground actions within the Boyne and Calliope catchments, as a stand-alone prioritisation for Gladstone Ports Corporation:

Boyne Calliope Synthesis Report  This report presents target areas within the Boyne and Calliope catchments, in which works can be directed to achieve reductions in sediments and nutrients entering waterways and impacting on the reef. Fitzroy Basin Association Tom Coughlin