The Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan covers the catchment, coastal and marine areas of the Fitzroy NRM region (link to map).   The WQIP:2015 has been used to determine activities to be prioritised for the next 5 years. At the end of that period, progress against targets will be assessed and the plan revised.

Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan guides investment and actions to improve water quality and waterway health. The Plan will be used by governments to guide their decisions about investment priorities. The plan is not a statutory plan, so it does not have the authority to enforce actions. The plan’s value is that it brings together and anlyses a wide range of information to identify regional priorities.

Investments to implement the plan will come from a variety of sources. The Australian Government has funded the plan’s development.  The Australian and Queensland Governments are expected to be the major investors in the plan’s implementation.  Their investment decisions will be informed by the priorities identified in the Water Quality Improvement Plan.

Other organisations, such as Local Governments, catchment and agricultural industry groups are expected to play some roles in facilitating the implementation of the plan. Many local groups and individuals also contribute time and effort as voluntary contributions to help improve waterway health.

The Fitzroy Basin Association will lead the delivery of the Fitzroy Water Quality Improvement Plan through it’s natural resource management programs, supported by Australian and Queensland Governments investments. The Fitzroy Basin Association will work together with regional partners across government, industry, community and conservation groups, including: