Our partners come from a diverse range of industries and organisations, with some testimonials provided below explaining their involvement and benefits from being involved with the partnership:

“The Queensland Resources Council is a foundation member of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health and believes it plays an essential role in communicating the positive environmental management practices of the resources sector, and delivering real community understanding of river health.” Frances Hayter, Queensland Resources Council

“Cotton Australia has been a member of the Fitzroy Partnership for River Health for a number of years. As our growers are among the wide range of custodians of the Fitzroy Basin, it is not only essential that the river system remains healthy, but that we can demonstrate that health. Cotton Australia strongly endorses the work of the  Fitzroy Partnership for River Health.” Michael Murray, Cotton Australia

“Being a member of the Fitzroy Partnership is more than receiving waterway report cards, it’s about being part of a community of like-minded individuals and organisations who genuinely care about protecting the environment in which we live and work.  CQG Consulting is proud to be a founding member of the Partnership and to have contributed to its achievements since inception.” Patrice Brown, CQG Consulting

“I think it is important for Central Highlands Regional Council, as a major environmental stakeholder in the region with activities that could potentially impact the environment, to lead by example. We are also a major user of the waterways with public health and environmental health responsibilities.  Given our presence and profile in the community, membership [of the Partnership] helps us sell the messaging around sound environmental management practices and helps our credibility with that messaging. We are also a Reef Guardian council and have schools in our region who are part of that program, so the Partnership is a good fit with what we are trying to promote environmentally. Membership is an important messaging opportunity to an organisation’s internal and external customers, that good sound environmental practices are part of the organisation’s  values/culture. It also provides knowledge opportunities around best practice.” Geoff Atherfold, Central Highlands Regional Council