Raw water comes from creeks, rivers dams and underground bores. This water has not been treated for use as drinkable water or other uses. Councils and other suppliers of water to townships process this raw water to make it more drinkable, potable or useful by purifying, clarifying, softening or deodorising it.

Determining whether potable drinking water is safe to drink is the responsibility of the local councils of the Central Queensland area and they work to ensure water they provide to residents meets the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.  The Partnership releases independent Drinking Water Reports for the Central Highlands and Rockhampton Regional Council areas to complement the annual aquatic ecosystem health reports.   All townships tested across both Council areas generally receive A grades for treated drinking water.  In-depth results can be viewed in the Drinking Water Reports section – https://riverhealth.org.au/report_card/drinking-water/ .

If anyone has concerns about possible contamination of waterways, they should contact the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on 1300 130 372, or the first port of call for issues relating to drinking water should be directed to relevant Council authorities, who release notices if there are immediate issues relating to drinking water supply.