The Hart report was prepared following the 2008 floods and a subsequent cumulative impact assessment study also highlighted the need for an integrated monitoring and reporting system for water quality in the Fitzroy Basin.

Many organisations had already been advocating for the establishment of such a monitoring system, including Fitzroy Basin Association Incorporated (FBA), which recommended this action through its Fitzroy Basin Water Quality Improvement Report. Driven by the Association, relevant monitoring organisations were approached and asked to form an alliance to address the lack of a cohesive monitoring program.

The benefits of sharing data and the desire to provide clear information in light of growing public concern led many organisations to sign on to the initiative.  The Partnership has progressed and in 2023, released its 13 Report Card for the community.  For the first time, as a result of the new Fitzroy Basin Monitoring Program, this Report Card was produced only months after data collection, due to the more timely and comprehensive data available. The Partnership remains a diverse and committed collective of organisations and stakeholders committed to waterway health reporting to the community.