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We invite the community – individuals, schools and community groups - to get involved in local waterway monitoring. Freshwater is our most valued and sought after renewable resource. Changes in land use have impacted the natural flow of waterways in the Fitzroy Basin, with sediment, salts, nutrients and toxic chemicals changing the health of our rivers and streams.

We have a range of resources available to support the community to test your local waterways and increase the awareness of waterway health. Use your school or science club equipment, or get in touch with us as we provide a Care for Creeks bursary annually to provide equipment to support testing of the Basin’s waterways. Increased awareness of the health of our waterways is important for the entire community to understand the impacts industries and communities have on our valuable rivers and streams.

Our aim is to increase the data entered by the community into our MyWater portal, so we can have one of the largest citizen science water data samples in Australia! You have to start small to grow big, so help us reach our goal of 217 data samples!

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Sites Overview

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Site Grade
Sunset Drive B
Norman Rd Bridge B
Kershaw Gardens C
Girl Guides B
Emerald Botanic Gardens B
Fairbairn Dam B
Williams Farm B
Dee River crossing in Mandalay C
Gundoo Rangers Moores Creek C
Oakey Creek in Penny Royal C
Frenchmans Creek at Jard Street C
Frenchman's Creek at Honour St (Scout hut) C
Frenchman's Ck at Kalka Shades C
Grosvenor Creek at Moranbah B
Waterpark Creek C
Nogoa River at Denbigh Downs B
Marlborough Creek at Sharps B
Scott's Crossing, Dee River C
Fitzroy River at Barrage B
Yeppen Yeppen Lagoon B
Eichelberger Park B
Fitzroy Bridge B
Byfield B
Stony Creek Byfield B
Stoney Creek Byfield B
Riley's Upper Stoney Creek B
Riley's Upper Riffle B
Riley's Main Pool B
Riley's Lower Riffle Zone B
Riley's Lower Stream B
Riley's Swamp B
Stoney creek B
Stoney creek B
Keely's Upper Pool B
Upper Riffle Zone B
eamon upper stream B
Keely's Lower Riffle C
Keely's Lower Stream C
Keely's Swamp B
SC L-Riffle C
Charles Upper Pool B
eamon upper riffle zone B
Eamon main pool B
Eamon lower riffle C
Eamon lower stream B
Eamon swamp B
Charles Upper Riffle B
Charles Main Pool B
Charles Lower Riffle B
Charles Lower Pool B
Charles Swamp B
Springfield drive B
Reaney St A
Nerimbera boat ramp B
Woolwash A
Coorooman Creek C
S'side boat ramp E
N/side boat ramp (above barrage) C
Port Alma b/ramp A
Washpool Creek B
Janlann Bore B
Dee River, Tipperary Crossing C
Inkerman Ck A
Ski/Power Boat Club A
Maddy Upper Pool B
Acacia Upper pool B
Kalyska Upper Pool B
Maddy Upper Riffle B
Maddy Main Pool B
Maggie Upper Stoney B
mag upper riff B
Acacia lower riffle B
Maddy Lower Pool B
Maddy Other B
Maddy Other RIGHT B
Kalyska Upper Riffle Zone B
Kalyska Main pool B
Alicia Upper Pool B
Upper Pool Mach B
Upper Riffle B
Main Pool Mach B
Lower riffle Mach B
lower pool Mach B
other MACH B
Upper Stony Visitor Area C&S B
Upper Riffle Stony Creek C&J B
Main Pool Stony Creek C&J B
Lower Riffle Stony Creek C&J B
Lower Pool Stony Creek C&J B
Small Creek Stony Creek C&J B
Kalyska lower riffle B
Kalyska lower pool B
Kalyska Other location B
Maddy Other CHECKING B
Shuttleworth and Co B
Shuttleworth and Co Upper Pool B
Upper Pool- TP B
Upper Riffle- TP B
Main Pool B
Lower Riffle B
Lower Pool-TP B
Other- TP B
Splitters Creek B
Jasper and Co B
Lower Riffle MM B
Stephen UR B
Stephen MP B
Stephen LR B
Stephen LP B
Stephen Other B
Jasper and Co Upper Pool B
Jasper and Co Upper Riffle B
Jasper and Co Main Pool B
Jasper and Co Lower Riffle B
Jasper and Co Lower Pool B
m upper pool B
m upper riffle_ B
mMain Pool C
Upper Pool - Holly B
mlower riffle B
main pool mm B
Byfield A

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How to sample – Get involved in local waterway monitoring today!

What you will need:

  • Bucket
  • Sorting trays
  • Scoop net with handle
  • Magnifying glass
  • pH test strips
  • salinity meter
  • Turbidity tube
  • Fish traps
  • Spoons/pipettes
  • Information guides for waterbugs, fish and weeds - see resources for downloadable guides

Community Sample Goal

Currently there are 220 samples that have been collected by various community monitoring groups throughout the Fitzroy region.

This is 101% of our sampling goal.


Enter your data directly into the MyWater community portal, or if you’re out in the field download this guide and use it to support your water monitoring.

Water Monitoring in Action

We are proud of the range of schools, groups and individuals comitted to monitoring data in the Fitzroy Basin. These include winners of our annual Care for Creeks Bursary:

  • Central Highlands Cotton Growers and Irrigators Association/Central Highlands Science Centre
  • Gundoo Junior Rangers
  • Marlborough State School
  • Wowan Dululu Landcare Group
  • Lighthouse Christian College, Rockhampton
  • Central Queensland Christian College, Rockhampton
  • North Rockhampton Girls Guides

Total Recorder Sample Contributions

Partnership Resources

Fitzroy Partnership for River Health is proud of its work in providing a more complete picture of river health in the Fitzroy Basin. We not only work with our valued Partners but also engage with the community to foster greater awareness of waterway health. We have a Mindi the Barramundi Mascot and new Maisy the Mayfly large-scale board game to support the community in waterway health awareness. If you have a use for these resources at your school or next community event, please get in touch at leigh.stitz@riverhealth.org.au

Caveats for use

The results displayed above are based on data that has been collected by enthusiastic and dedicated members of the community. The MyWater portal and associated results are provided for educational and awareness raising purposes. No quality control measures have been applied to the data. As such the data is not fit for use beyond this stated purpose. There is no training requirement for community members or groups to enter data to the MyWater portal. Community members or groups using this site and conducting associated waterway testing do so at their own risk. As such, community members and groups must ensure they have appropriate levels of insurance and conduct activities according to their own risk and workplace health and safety procedures.

If in doubt, don’t test your local waterways!