Ramsar Wetland Assessment Tool

Welcome to the Shoalwater and Corio Bays Ramsar Wetland Assessment Tool. This website has been developed to capture the current knowledge and status of the Shoalwater and Corio Bays Area’s listing criteria and allows the user to view the Ramsar site through those components that contribute to its international importance. Note that due to the way Ramsar sites are assessed, information is sometimes duplicated across criteria.

How to Use this Tool

1. Click through the drop-down menu on the map to view the eight Ramsar criteria. Toggle between individual components within each criterion using the drop-down in the right-hand panel. The spatial references on the map will update each time you make a selection.

2. Read more information about each component in the right-hand profile panel. Refer to the legend to understand the status and confidence rating for each component.

3. You can download supporting information and data sources for each component using the PDF link at the bottom of each profile.

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Updated: October 2021